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Biscochitos, (bees-ko-CHEE-tohs), as they are called in Northern New Mexcio, or Biscochos (bees-ko-CHOS), as called in Southern New Mexico, have a long tradition in New Mexico.  The little cakes made of sugar, anise and cinnamon spices, flour, and lard, are traditionally served at Christmas, weddings, quinceaneras, baptisms, birthdays and other special occasions.  Whether coated with sugar and cinnamon or powdered sugar, Osito’s Biscochitos delicately blends all of the traditional ingredients, along with other secret ingredients, shapes them into bite size diamonds, and bakes them to a delicious delicate brown.  Osito’s Biscochitos are made to “Melt in your mouth, just like you remember them!”

Originally introduced to Mexico by Spanish explorers in the 16th Century, they are known by different names in other countries or other cities in the United States.  Names associated with biscochitos include Polvorones, biscocho, Christmas cookie, or Mexican wedding cookies.  In Spain, they are called Mantecosos.  In 1989, the State of New Mexico made the biscochito the official state cookie, where there is still some debate as to how spell the cookie: biscochito/biscocho or bizchochito/bizcocho.  Whatever you choose to call them and however you spell them, they are perfect to serve or give as a gift for any special occasion, and to simply enjoy ANY time!

Osito’s offers all of our cookies pre-packaged by weight. For special events and large orders, cookies are priced and sold by the dozen.  If you can’t decide on just one type of cookie, we offer variety platters.  Any of our cookies can be special packaged to create your perfect Christmas gift or Corporate gift.  We do ship our cookies all over the world!

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  • Sugar Cinnamon Biscochitos (5oz.) $ 7.00

    Our traditional biscochito, coated with sugar and cinnamon, is a delicate cookie that is made to melt in your mouth! (5oz.)        

    2020-04-13 9:55 PM
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Biscochitos, (bees-ko-CHEE-tohs), as they are called in Northern New Mexcio, or Biscochos (bees-ko-CHOS), as...